Mediation is a confidential and voluntary dispute resolution process whereby the Conflict Engagement Specialist (CES) acts impartially to assist parties in reaching an acceptable settlement of their issues.

Mediation may be conducted with conflicting parties working together in the same space, or with the CES acting as an intermediary between the separated parties. Regardless of the method, it is expected that all parties will meet with the CES individually. These individual meetings are an important step in confirming that mediation is the appropriate approach, and they also help the parties to prepare for future discussions.



The CES can facilitate multi-party stakeholder meetings in which there is potential for conflict among participants. The role of the CES as facilitator is to ensure that complex or challenging discussions between parties are as constructive as possible to decrease the likelihood that a conflict will occur or escalate in the future.

For further information on mediation and facilitation, please contact the CES.